The Work To Win: Soulbrain’s direction of innovation.

We are creating a talent-based creative organization through continuous challenge to achieve substantial improvement and new value creation.

  • 1st Generation Innovation


    Changes in working process
    and capacity building
    based on 6 Sigma


    • Establishment of
      6 Sigma infrastructure
    • Cultivation of core talents
    • Sharing and proliferation
      of successful cases
    • Application of the existing
      management innovation activities
    • Visualization of 6 Sigma's
      management performance
    • Establishment of
      a 6 Sigma corporate culture

    The Way We Work

  • 2nd Generation Innovation


    Establishment of
    “best practices”
    through value innovation


    • Launching of value-oriented
      innovation strategies
    • Connection of management
      and innovation activities
    • Operation of a Soulbrain-type
      innovation system
    • (BRAIN methodology)
    • Integration of innovative activities
      and standards of operation
    • Establishment of
      a sustainable innovation system

    Working Smart

  • 3rd Generation Innovation
    Total Innovation


    Realization of
    “self-directed innovation”
    through value creation


    • Implementation of
      innovation activities
    • Advancement of
      the innovation system
    • Continuous cultivation of
      talented innovators
    • Advancement of Soulbrain’s
      BRAIN innovation methodology
    • Realization of self-directed
      innovation culture

    The Work To Win

  • Advancement

    Realization of “self-directed innovation” through value creation based on talented individuals

  • Advancement

    Company-wide optimization of Soulbrain Quality (improvement of customer value), cost (thorough cost control), Process (process optimization)

  • Advancement

    Establishment of a sustainable Autonomous innovation system, promotion of self-directed innovation activities, and increase of innovative skills for all members

  • Method of

    Management of changes in human resources development, enhancement of organizational innovative capacity, and enterprise-wide optimization

  • Basics to
    be Implemented

    Strong commitment of the top management, redefinition of the roles of leaders, cultivation of innovative personnel, and unfailing observance of standards
    Securement of process quality, improvement without incurring cost, thorough elimination of wasting, and goal and policy management
    Customer-oriented philosophy, realization of three awareness points (site, equipment, and people), sound awareness of risks, and performance-based organizational culture
  • Foundation for

    Education and training system, strong innovative leadership, and organizational culture encouraging active participation

  • 2016
    of Core

    • Strategy

      • Selection of a strategy-linking process
      • Strengthening of quality innovation strategy
      • Removal of unnecessary elements from the manufacturing site
      • Establishment of a system for analyzing the effects of proposed improvements
    • Participation by All

      • Establishment of a management system for project champion tasks
      • Formulation of a plan for encouraging innovative activity in R&D
      • Formulation of a plan for stimulating company-wide proposals
    • Upgrade of the Management System

      • Standardization of methodologies by field
      • Preparation of a management system for self-directed prevention
      • Improvement of the evaluation and compensation system for innovation
    • Materialization of Self-directed Innovation Culture

      • Re-establishment of an innovation education system
      • Cultivation of talented innovators and utilization of internal experts
      • Strengthening of PR related to innovative activities
  • 2017
    Fixation of
    the Management

    • Strategy

      • Establishment of a system for the selection of tasks linked to strategy
      • Strengthening of the connection to advanced technology tasks
      • Establishment of self-directed prevention on site
      • Securing visibility of the performance of the proposal system
    • Participation by All

      • Formulation and employment of a plan for encouraging organization-wide innovative activities
      • Strengthening of internal benchmarking activities regarding management and task distribution
    • Upgrade of the Management System

      • Upgrade of Soulbrain’s innovation methodology
      • Solidification of a management system for on-site innovation
      • Optimization and standardization of the innovation management system
    • Materialization of Self-directed Innovation Culture

      • Expanded execution of innovation education by field
      • Implementation of a system for certifying talented members, and the expanded utilization of internal experts
  • 2018
    of Self-directed

    • Strategy

      • Fixation of on-site self-directed prevention
      • Encouragement of company-wide participation in activities to improve corporate image
      • Fixation of innovation activities as a strategy execution system
    • Participation by All

      • Fixation of tasks centered on the project champion
      • Transfer and diffusion of innovative activities to subsidiaries
    • Upgrade of the Management System

      • Fixed operation of innovation itself
      • Proliferation and spread of the innovation management system to subsidiaries
    • Materialization of Self-directed Innovation Culture

      • Optimization of field-specific innovation education
      • Link of talented innovators to HR system
  • 2019
    Diffusion of

    • Strategy

      • Activation of office overhead focused task activities
      • Expansion of effectiveness-based innovation activities
    • Participation by All

      • Progression of themed activities for activation of innovation
      • Expansion of site-specific custom group activities
    • Upgrade of the Management System

      • Upgrade of task performance, evaluation and management system
      • Reestablishment of award system for excellent performance
    • Materialization of Self-directed Innovation Culture

      • Expansion of in-house expert fields and establishment of operation plan for supporters
      • Expansion of internal education/leading by field
  • 2020
    Establishment of autonomous innovation

    • Strategy

      • Expansion and spread of effective innovation activities
      • Performance of strategic task activities to achieve management goals
    • Participation by All

      • Performance of customized education and assignments by department
      • Enhancement of on-site basic and themed activities
      • Expansion of innovation proposal events
    • Upgrade of the Management System

      • Re-establishment of criteria and grading system for evaluating innovation activities
      • Enhancement of management effectiveness of integrated innovation system
    • Materialization of Self-directed Innovation Culture

      • Fostering of middle-management talented innovators
      • Establishment of internal consultants for on-site innovation
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  • Proposal System


    Improvements which can easily and conveniently be applied directly on-site

    Operation based on a creative organization with participation of all employees

  • Change management


    Operation of a program for instilling consciousness of innovation

    Transcending towards progression as an organizational culture which targets all employees

  • Innovation Tasks


    Changes to the organization’s present and future

    Activities centered on the core leadership

    Leading positive change

  • Onsite Innovation


    Improvement of the working environment

    Activities centered on the sites of each individual employee

    Operation on the basis of self-directed prevention activities