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Greetings from the CEO

Greetings! I am Hwan Chul Rho, CEO of Soulbrain

In 1986, Soulbrain started as a techno trading company focused on technological innovation amidst numerous changes and has taken the forefront in national economic development as a leading IT materials company in Korea.

We have localized various materials for semiconductor and display processes, including high-purity hydrofluoric acid for semiconductors, and developed electrolytes and additives essential for the secondary battery market to supply global customers. With 35 years of accumulated independent technology and stable production capabilities, Soulbrain will continue to innovate as a leading global company.

All Soulbrain employees seek to be a company that can grow and develop in partnership with shareholders, customers, partners, and communities according to the ESG factors of creating social value. In the future, through social contribution activitiestogether withfinancial value, we will create a flexible but strong company that can continuously generates social value.

Soulbrain is constantly striving for the health and happiness of employees and members of the local community with the goal of zero environmental safety accidents.We are committed to establishing an ESH system based on advanced IT technology and obtained global management system certification in the fields of environment, safety and health, and energy, to respond to customer needs, and provide solutions that are a step ahead.

We will strive to grow into a transparent and exemplary company that everyone is proud of without forgetting the admiration and attention from our customers and shareholders.
Thank you.

Soulbrain CEO
Hwan Chul Rho