Soulbrain will combine
capacities to create strong, new value.

‘Soulbrain’ combines ‘soul’, meaning ‘soul’, ‘spirit’, and ‘mind’, with ‘brain’, meaning ‘brain’ ‘intelligence’, and ‘intellect’. This represents the combination of different capacities that becomes stronger when coming together, such as ‘technology and emotion’, ‘intellect and empathy’, and ‘imagination and realization’.

In order to visualize the concepts of opposite meaning, ‘soul’ is presented in blue to symbolize ‘youth’, ‘hope’, and ‘purity’, and in Italics to give the feeling of freedom. ‘Brain’ is presented in grey, static letters which symbolize ‘intellect’, ‘future’, and ‘maturity’.

The combination of opposite capacities is presented through overlapping of the two terms. The synergistic effects generated from this are represented as a violet triangle, which symbolizes ‘mystery’ and ‘uniqueness’.

Rules for Spatial Use

In order for Soulbrain’s logo to be used effectively, a minimum amount of space should be used to prevent any disruption upon application.