Electronic Materials

Electronic Materials Business

We are working to respond to the demands of the fast-changing market, and to expand to overseas markets.

Soulbrain aims to actively contribute to the development of promising future industries through the development and manufacture of differentiated materials needed in the LED, solar energy generation, and electronic vehicles processes. Based on technology accumulated from our chemical materials and parts businesses, we provide electronic materials needed for the generation of eco-friendly energy, such as LED process materials, solar cells, and EV (Electric Vehicle) electronic materials.

Electronic Materials Business
Solar Cell Materials

Including etchants and cleaning agents needed in the manufacture of solar cells and thin film-type solar cells for the generation of solar energy, we are supplying a variety of chemical materials and thin film materials, and we are ready to supply optimized solutions in response to technological development and market expansion.

Major products
  • Solar cell - Texturing : HF, HNO3 / Diffusion : POCl3, BBr3 / Etch & Cleaning : HF, BOE , HCl / Passivation : TEOS / TCO : DEZ
  • Poly Si - Cleaning : HF, HNO3
Product Examples
  • Solar cell

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