Central R&D Center

Soulbrain Central R&D Center,

Soulbrain’s Technology R&D Center was established in 1994. Through the research of various materials and components in the high tech industry, covering from semiconductor and TFT-LCD to lithium secondary cells and OLED, we are playing a role in the advancement and development of IT and high tech industries.

Our R&D centers have over 120 research specialists working hard to achieve consistent technology innovation and to secure next generation growth-based technologies. Originating from the Central R&D Center in Pangyo, such research and development is carried out at the Yong-in R&D Center and the Manufacturing Technology R&D Center in Gongju, according to the specialties of each R&D center.

We are striving to develop technologies that will be
the foundation for future industry development.

Securing unrivaled technological competitiveness

In the fast-changing, globally competitive technology market, the importance of being an industry leader needs no explanation. Specifically, the research and development of materials and components for the high tech industry, such as that carried out by Soulbrain, is not only important in and of itself, but it also has a significant effect on the competitiveness of key national industries. At Soulbrain, we are profoundly aware of the importance of securing such technological competitiveness, so we work hard to secure unrivaled technology competitiveness through continuous and creative R&D efforts.

Making a creative research environment

With the increasing importance of basic and proprietary technologies in high tech industries, progressing with creative frontier research is no longer optional. By providing flexible organizational management, promoting voluntary and self-directed research tasks, and carrying out open R&D strategic activities, we are strengthening the creative capacity of our researchers and developing into an organization of high technological innovation.

Securing a foundation for future growth

In order to grow into an excellent material and component provider for high tech industries, one must not be negligent in making an effort to secure next-generation growth-oriented technologies based on unique technologies and value innovation. Recently, the industrial environment has been characterized by fast technological changes and uncertainty. In accordance with such changes, Soulbrain is working to generate new business opportunities by forecasting and securing future technologies, and internalizing them as core technologies.

Finally, Packard’s Law states, “No company can consistently grow revenues faster than its ability to get enough of the right people to implement that growth and still become a great company.” Based on that premise, Soulbrain strives to discover and cultivate talented professionals, and to work together with each and every researcher to ensure that our Technology R&D Center can become the cornerstone for Soulbrain to grow into a corporation which contributes to future industrial development through the provision of top-notch materials and components.

Pangyo Central R&D Center