“Work in the Digital Age”, this is the direction of innovation pursued by Soulbrain.

Through system-based value transformation, we are realizing digital transformation, quickly adapting to changes, and creating an organization with execution capabilities.

  • 1st Generation Innovation


    Changes in working process
    and capacity building
    based on 6 Sigma


    • Establishment of
      6 Sigma infrastructure
    • Cultivation of core talents
    • Sharing and proliferation
      of successful cases
    • Application of the existing
      management innovation activities
    • Visualization of 6 Sigma's
      management performance
    • Establishment of
      a 6 Sigma corporate culture

    The Way We Work

  • 2nd Generation Innovation


    Establishment of
    “best practices”
    through value innovation


    • Launching of value-oriented
      innovation strategies
    • Connection of management
      and innovation activities
    • Operation of a Soulbrain-type
      innovation system
    • (BRAIN methodology)
    • Integration of innovative activities
      and standards of operation
    • Establishment of
      a sustainable innovation system

    Working Smart

  • 3rd Generation Innovation
    Total Innovation


    Realization of
    “self-directed innovation”
    through value creation


    • Implementation of
      innovation activities
    • Advancement of
      the innovation system
    • Continuous cultivation of
      talented innovators
    • Advancement of Soulbrain’s
      BRAIN innovation methodology
    • Realization of self-directed
      innovation culture

    The Work To Win

  • 4th generation
    Digital Innovation


    through value
    transformation Realization of
    ‘digital innovation’


    • Work efficiency through automation
    • Advanced system management
    • Robotic Process Automation
    • Smart Soulbrain foundation

    Work In The Digital

  • Advancement

    Realization of ‘digital innovation’ through ‘System’-based value transformation

  • Advancement

    Implement Soulbrain's Digital Transformation by establishing an optimized system operation strategy

  • Advancement

    Creating the infrastructure for ‘Smart soulbrain’ with Digital Transformation

  • Method of

    Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Smart soulbrain foundation

  • Basics to
    be Implemented

    Streamline the work through automation
    Robotic Process Automation
    Automate simple repetitive tasks to be performed quickly and accurately
    Smart soulbrain foundation
    ‘System’ stabilization and new introduction
  • Foundation for

    Create an Organization with the ability to quickly adapt to changes and execute based Digital Transformation

  • 2016
    of Core

    • Strategy

      • Selection of a strategy-linking process
      • Strengthening of quality innovation strategy
      • Removal of unnecessary elements from the manufacturing site
      • Establishment of a system for analyzing the effects of proposed improvements
    • Participation by All

      • Establishment of a management system for project champion tasks
      • Formulation of a plan for encouraging innovative activity in R&D
      • Formulation of a plan for stimulating company-wide proposals
    • Upgrade of the Management System

      • Standardization of methodologies by field
      • Preparation of a management system for self-directed prevention
      • Improvement of the evaluation and compensation system for innovation
    • Materialization of Self-directed Innovation Culture

      • Re-establishment of an innovation education system
      • Cultivation of talented innovators and utilization of internal experts
      • Strengthening of PR related to innovative activities
  • 2017
    Fixation of
    the Management

    • Strategy

      • Establishment of a system for the selection of tasks linked to strategy
      • Strengthening of the connection to advanced technology tasks
      • Establishment of self-directed prevention on site
      • Securing visibility of the performance of the proposal system
    • Participation by All

      • Formulation and employment of a plan for encouraging organization-wide innovative activities
      • Strengthening of internal benchmarking activities regarding management and task distribution
    • Upgrade of the Management System

      • Upgrade of Soulbrain’s innovation methodology
      • Solidification of a management system for on-site innovation
      • Optimization and standardization of the innovation management system
    • Materialization of Self-directed Innovation Culture

      • Expanded execution of innovation education by field
      • Implementation of a system for certifying talented members, and the expanded utilization of internal experts
  • 2018
    of Self-directed

    • Strategy

      • Fixation of on-site self-directed prevention
      • Encouragement of company-wide participation in activities to improve corporate image
      • Fixation of innovation activities as a strategy execution system
    • Participation by All

      • Fixation of tasks centered on the project champion
      • Transfer and diffusion of innovative activities to subsidiaries
    • Upgrade of the Management System

      • Fixed operation of innovation itself
      • Proliferation and spread of the innovation management system to subsidiaries
    • Materialization of Self-directed Innovation Culture

      • Optimization of field-specific innovation education
      • Link of talented innovators to HR system
  • 2019
    Diffusion of

    • Strategy

      • Activation of office overhead focused task activities
      • Expansion of effectiveness-based innovation activities
    • Participation by All

      • Progression of themed activities for activation of innovation
      • Expansion of site-specific custom group activities
    • Upgrade of the Management System

      • Upgrade of task performance, evaluation and management system
      • Reestablishment of award system for excellent performance
    • Materialization of Self-directed Innovation Culture

      • Expansion of in-house expert fields and establishment of operation plan for supporters
      • Expansion of internal education/leading by field
  • 2020
    Establishment of autonomous innovation

    • Strategy

      • Expansion and spread of effective innovation activities
      • Performance of strategic task activities to achieve management goals
    • Participation by All

      • Performance of customized education and assignments by department
      • Enhancement of on-site basic and themed activities
      • Expansion of innovation proposal events
    • Upgrade of the Management System

      • Re-establishment of criteria and grading system for evaluating innovation activities
      • Enhancement of management effectiveness of integrated innovation system
    • Materialization of Self-directed Innovation Culture

      • Fostering of middle-management talented innovators
      • Establishment of internal consultants for on-site innovation
  • 2021
    Advancement of

    • Strategy

      • Management innovation activities
      • Advancement of self-conservation activities
      • Advancement of the proposal system
    • Participation by All

      • Implement customized tasks by sector
      • Reinforcement Theme activities
      • Advancement of innovation activity contest
    • Upgrade of the Management System

      • Systematization of innovation activity screening process
      • Advanced management of integrated innovation system
    • Materialization of Self-directed Innovation Culture

      • Establishment of middle management level talent base
      • Innovation education through in-house instructors
  • 2022

    • Strategy

      • Automation Transformation
      • RPA operation and spread
      • Smart Soulbrain foundation
    • Participation by All

      • Progression of process efficiency tasks
      • My Area activity operation
      • Establish operation plan for new innovation activities
    • Upgrade of the Management System

      • D/T professional manpower training
      • computerized and systematization
      • Infrastructure Expansion & System Utilization
    • Materialization of Self-directed Innovation Culture

      • MES-based factory operation
      • Increased productivity
      • Establishment of flexible production system
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  • Proposal System


    Improvements which can easily and conveniently be applied directly on-site

    Operation based on a creative organization with participation of all employees

  • Change management


    Operation of a program for instilling consciousness of innovation

    Transcending towards progression as an organizational culture which targets all employees

  • Tasks to Improve Efficiency


    Center for the future changes of organization

    Core Leader for Engagement Activities

    Engagement activities for core leader

  • Fields for Improvement


    Improve working environment

    Organizational Activities in which all members participate

    Operation based on organization/ arrangement