Technical R&D

We are striving to develop technologies that will be the foundation for future industry development.

Through provision of a variety of differentiated products and solutions, we will make a maximum contribution to the stable growth and development of our customers.


The semiconductor industry is an area in which process miniaturization is emerging as an important issue. At Soulbrain, we are developing diverse products which can provide optimized solutions for process miniaturization.

Etchant / Cleaning / Stripper etc.
  • High Selective Nitride etchant(SiN/O Selectivity) for 3D gate
  • High Selectivity Oxide Etchant, HF/BOE, Cleaning Agent & Stripper
CMP Slurries : Ceria slurry, Silica slurry, etc.
  • High Planarity Slurry(ILD/IMD, CST-S22), STI(DRAM & Flash), Wet Ceria
  • Cu Barrier Slurry(Alkali, Acidic), W Slurry(2nd step & buffing step)
  • Polishing slurry for Packaging(TSV), Nitride/Poly-Si CMP slurry
CVD/ALD Materials
  • High-k Precursor : ZrO2, HfO2, TiO2, Y2O3, SrO
  • Dielectric precursor : SiO2, SiN
  • Metal precursor : TiN, In2O3, Mo
  • Functional precursor : growth inhibitor for metal and high-k oxide
Slurry for LED and other processes: Sapphire, Silicone, Nickel, etc.


Soulbrain is focused on the development of special chemical materials for dramatic cost reduction, along with the development of various new products which are being used in the next-generation display industry.

Etchant for TFT-LCD & OLED
  • Cu Etchant (for H2O2 & non-H2O2) Cu etchant for fine pattern due to the thickening of TFT wiring
  • Phosphoric Etchant Development of comprehensive etching liquids for single metal films such as Cu, Al, Mo, and Cr, as well as their laminated layers
  • BOE Etchant (HF/NH4F) Si dedicated etchant which maintains a stable concentration of etchant to achieve a high etch rate
  • Pixel Etchant Low Pattern damage & High Selectivity Etchant for IZO, ITO, MoTi
  • Thin Glass

    Glass Slimming Process & Glass Etching Chemical

    Ultra Thin Glass(30㎛)

    Tempered Glass Cutting Process

  • Research Area_TSP(Touch Sensor Panel)

    Cu Metal Mesh Film

Secondary Battery

We are continuously progressing with R&D in the fields of secondary battery materials and next-generation large capacity HEV and EV electrolytes.

Electrolyte for IT, xEV, ESS
  • HP(High purity) Grade Solvents : Over 99.9%
  • HP Grade Additives : Over 99.0%, Additives are available for customer’s demand
  • Solutes : Guaranteed solutes for electrolyte
  • Cylinder type : 1L bottle, 18L/200L cylinder
Research Area_ Cathode & Anode materials
  • Lead Tap

Functional Materials

We are carrying out R&D on various functional organic materials capable of matching the fast changing market requirements.

Development of organic materials for TFT-LCD and OLED
  • Negative type Black Matrix(RBM)
  • Organic insulators for 2nd passivation (positive & negative type)
  • Development of composite materials (black matrix & column spacers, BM on array, etc.)
  • Development of an organic conductive film to replace ITO
  • Over Coat materials for TSP(Metal Mesh) electrode of LCD BM(Heat-Resistant)
  • Scattering Photo-Resist materials for OLED
  • Water Repellent material
Research Area _ Flexible & Transparent Display
  • Low Temperature Curing Insulator(<120 degree) for Flexible Display
  • Polymer electrolyte for Transparent Display