Welfare Benefits

Only a Soulbrain person can enjoy these benefits.

In order for our internal customers, Soulbrain employees, to enjoy a stable and high quality life, we are making an environment with a wide variety of welfare benefits.

  • House purchase and large deposit loans
  • Distribution of holiday gifts
  • Distribution of foundation anniversary gifts
  • Distribution of birthday presents
  • Financial support for in-house clubs
  • Paid summer vacation with support of vacation money
  • Operation of vacation center
  • Award of congratulatory money for children’s entrance to kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school
  • Support of children’s high school education fees
  • Support of children’s university tuition
  • Family event (wedding/funeral) support
  • Operation of in-house aid association
  • Operation of R&D reward and patent-related reward system
  • Operation of long-term employment reward system
  • Operation of in-house cafeteria
  • Operation of in-house café
  • Operation of commuter bus
  • Operation of outstanding employee reward system
  • Provision of foreign language intensive program
  • Provision of customized education program
  • Provision of special humanities lectures
  • Operation of degree support system
  • Organizational culture improvement events
  • Support of comprehensive health check-up
  • Group accident insurance registry
  • Legal benefits support (Korean 4 major insurances, pension)