We are committed to providing customers with the best quality and service.

We are implementing perfect quality through operation of a change management system, recurrence prevention system, partner corporation management system, and the like.


Soulbrain’s Policy

Providing the best quality and services to satisfy customer needs


Soulbrain’s Goals & Strategy

Soulbrain’s Goals

  • Prevention of

  • Improvement of
    customer reliability

  • Decrease of
    nonconformity upon
    warehousing and
    shipment inspection

  • Improvement of
    team members’ skills

Soulbrain’s 3 Strategies

  • 01

    Going beyond customer
    expectations with
    perfect, first class quality.

  • 02

    Establishing win-win
    relationships with customers
    through deep-rooted trust.

  • 03

    Respecting each member’s abilitie
    and providing them with
    more opportunities to grow,
    thereby generating a team spirit.


Core Elements of Quality Management

  • Number One Quality

    • Change point management system
    • Recurrence prevention system
    • Partner management system
  • Customer Satisfaction

    • Prioritizing customer satisfaction
    • Exceeding customer expectations (Establishing a desirable product image)
  • Quality Information
    Management System

    • Management of a quality information network system
    • Management of an ISO certification system
    • Management of an SPC system
  • Improvement Management

    • Six Sigma activities
    • Improvement suggestion activities
  • Knowledge Management

    • Improvement of job capabilities through flow and sharing of knowledge
    • Cultivation of new talented members through strengthening of quality-related education
  • ISO 9001 Certification

  • IATF 16949 Certification